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Pets need to be groomed regularly for beauty and health reasons. When you get your companion prepared to go to the pet grooming saloon, you want to be sure that she/he is relaxed. Putting customers, dogs and employees first Pretty Paws strived to create a pleasant and friendly atmosphere in the work place. We are located in Parker, AZ, but we also offer our pet services in the entire area.

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by Ben

I can’t tell you how much I recommend Pretty Paws as the best groomer in the city- my dog is the most anti-social, anti-people, anti-groomer kind of dog and yet those guys at Pretty Paws really take care of him and do a great job.
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You and your pet will benefit from our ongoing training principles and excellent teaching. We have a team who totally love animals! Our staff is compassionate about their studies, the pets and our human clients. All bathing and trimming are done by our professional pet groomer. Common, the pet grooming take about three or four hours to complete. This depends on the coat condition, size and the trim style. Please contact us to schedule an appointment for your pet, at (928) 669-9123. If you want only trimming your pet’s nails, we are happy to do that without an appointment during business hours in our saloon, located on 1013 Laguna Parker, AZ.

Every pet groomer at Pretty Paws can offer professional work, which includes: condition, shampoo, cut, blow dry, cuticle grooming and even brushing of the teeth, also pet sitting. You may order one treatment or any combination of these services. If you want specific treatment to your pet, Pretty Paws will assist your companion with joy.

dog-groomingDog grooming is one of your dog’s basic needs and an indispensable part of dog ownership. Just like humans, dogs need physical care to look and feel their best. We provide a professional, friendly, comprehensive and prompt dog grooming service to give your dog the maintaining she or he deserves.

Fortunately, it is not necessary to bathe the dogs as often as humans, but it is still necessary to groom and wash them once in a while to ensure a healthy fur and skin. How often you need to groom your pet will depend on the length, breed and type of fur, as well as your own living environment. Whatever your dog’s individual needs, Pretty Paws can maintain them with skill and confidence. Our fully trained and friendly dog groomers are dedicated to providing you with top level dog grooming services that you and your dog will both love and appreciate.

Putting customers, dogs and employees first Pretty Paws strived to create a cheerful and pleasant atmosphere in the work place, also provide the clients with high quality pet services.

Routine grooming every 2 to 6 weeks for most pets keeps their coat and skin in top condition. We have a variety of pet services at remarkably competitive prices to help you keep your pet looking and smelling lovely. At Pretty Paws, we believe in producing high quality pet services that you and your furry friend will love.

All full trims, bath and brush grooming services include the following:

  • a thorough brush out, trim of your choicepuppy-grooming
  • pedicure
  • glands are checked and expressed
  • ears are checked and cleaned
  • a skin and coat conditioning treatment
  • free bows and polish upon request
  • double bathing with skin soothing hypoallergenic shampoo
  • hand blown dry

When you plan a trip, chances are that you will need a pet sitting professional to care for your cat, dog, or other faithful pets. We can provide you with reliable pet sitters to take care of your furry family member while you finish work or come back home. However, you certainly want to be sure to select the best pet sitting service in Parker, AZ area. We will care for your pet as it’s our own.

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